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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  September 3, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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it will be reconstructed in a park in new mexico. welcome to "world news." tonight the floods and the fires. the storm that won't give up. remnants of isaac now set to pour on the millions of children headed to school tomorrow. in new orleans the president arrives just as families return home there. and the fires tonight, the labor day evacuation sending families scrambling. abc's extreme weather team on all of it. countdown. the president gets his turn. on the eve of the convention, we're there as the first lady gets her practice run. while the romneys ride the waves. but where's the bounce? the new poll after mitt romney's convention. our consumer watchdog on the case this evening. the label that costs you more at the grocery store and the new findings. does organic really mean it's better for you? and the bearish forecast for your backyard. if you thought this was the summer of the bear, why authorities say, get ready for even more after labor day. they are really hungry.
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good evening. it's great to have you on this labor day. diane is on her way to the democratic convention. she'll be anchoring from there tomorrow night. in the meantime, tens of millions of americans holding on to the final hours of this long holiday weekend. the unofficial end of summer. but tonight it's the beginning for families just now seeing what's left of their homes after hurricane isaac, the system that affected a huge part of this country. just a look tonight at the scope. less than a week ago, it stormed the shore in the gulf, then slowly up to the nation's mid section before turning east where, believe it or not, it's still churning tonight. tornadoes and punishing rains. where it will be in the morning in just a minute here. but first images of the president arriving in louisiana, where some families are returning to their homes. 2,800 people still living in shelters. this home, one of the thousands
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still under water. more than 100,000 people without power. national guard handing out water tonight. abc's ryan owens is there. >> we're getting ready to get washed away. >> reporter: plaquemines parish was the first place isaac hit. topping levees and swallowing neighborhoods. it's the last place people finally got to see what this hurricane did to their lives. >> the water was up to the roof. >> reporter: august was one of thousands who police escorted in today. he found his boat, his only source of income, destroyed. his home, he still needs a canoe to get there. >> it is stressful. you know, you got to live someplace else, you know. it's hard. >> reporter: police only allowed these people home for a few hours, just enough time to gather clothes for their backs and toys for their kids. it's too dangerous to stay.
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even for animals. officers are trying to herd these cattle to higher grounds. recovery here and across the gulf has been slowed by a lack of power. 90% of new orleans customers now have electricity, but 100,000 across louisiana don't. the heat index here topped 105 this weekend. with no air conditioning, the misery index is a lot higher than that. >> i can't take the heat. >> reporter: david st. martin doesn't have power, so he's hauling a boat full of toys out of his neighborhood. his daughter was born premature five months ago, weighing only one pound. emily is finally ready to come home from the hospital this week, but she can't until the power is back on. >> she's well enough to come home and, hopefully, this week, if we get power, she can come home. >> reporter: we're in the community of la place tonight where the president is meeting with some of isaac's victims. most of the water has receded.
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what you see behind me is all that's left. but it can be deceiving. the homes behind me, that neighborhood, they look all right from the outside. on the inside, everything is ruined. one reason insurers say the total bill for isaac could top $2 billion. the red cross still helping people here as well. >> and ryan you've been there every step of the way. thanks to you again tonight. i mentioned all the drenching rain on the way tonight. just look at how much has already fallen because of isaac, overwhelming some parts of the country. the red and purple, the hardest hit. tornadoes too. this one in corning, arkansas, no one was hurt, but it was just one of the 44 reported tornadoes from isaac. abc's meteorologist ginger zee has been tracking it all. millions of families headed back home and children heading back to school. so where does the rain hit? >> i remember my outfit first day of school, a big deal. they're going to need galoshes because it's going to be that much rain. flood watches in place from
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north carolina all the way to new jersey. so philadelphia is included in there. heaviest rain from new york city to boston. can you imagine traffic tomorrow? i think that's going to be a big impact. >> for the cars and school buses. you were talking about the staggering totals. >> they are. this is including everything, back to the beginning of isaac. i wanted to show you a couple of numbers. over 20 inches for new orleans. parts of mississippi in that 10- to 17-inch range. i've got to tell you, even when you are in the 10- to 17-inch range, it came so quickly and so steady, in 36 hours. 10 to 15. that's a flood of sorts that we will not forget anytime soon. >> thank you very much. you told me earlier that there will not be rain in another part of the country that could desperately use it tonight after a labor day nightmare in southern california. look at the flames slicing through the mountains of the angeles national forest. thousands of campers and families forced to race out. a sudden and unexpected end to their holiday. abc's nick watt on the fire
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lines tonight in california. >> reporter: firefighters are trying to rescue three hikers, stranded, cut off by the flames. the angeles national forest was packed with thousands of campers and hikers enjoying the holiday weekend. >> we saw the smoke next to us and we just started packing. >> reporter: the fire started around 2:00 p.m. on sunday. the cause is unknown. within hours, nearly 4,000 acres were ablaze. vacationers evacuated and hundreds of firefighters drafted in from across the west. >> the fire is moving very, very fast. we can see it coming down this hillside. look at the terrain. we're talking 80-degree inclines, which makes it very difficult for firefighters to get up to the flames and fight this fire. air drops are the best, and in most places, the only option. >> it's uphill, steep, rugged terrain, trying to get aircraft on the fire to slow its progress. >> reporter: the fire is moving towards populated areas, and it's only 5% contained right now. what happens next depends
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largely on the wind. nick watt, abc news, angeles national forest. >> thanks to you, nick. our picture for the extreme weather scene across this country tonight. the other big story tonight, president obama and the democrats on the eve of their big convention. this is fun. we showed it to you in tampa. now from charlotte, the time-lapse video of the arena getting a makeover before the convention starts. the bounce romney was hoping for after his convention, new numbers coming in tonight saying the republican convention had, quote, minimal impact. a new poll finds president obama with 47%. mitt romney, 46%. still a dead heat. now president obama gets the ball. three things he has to score, our political team is covering it all tonight. we start with jake tapper right there in charlotte. >> reporter: good evening. president obama will not only be competing with mitt romney's convention here. he'll also be competing with memories of his own convention four years ago and all the promise he then seemed to
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represent. >> first lady michele obama came to the podium this afternoon to prepare for her speech tomorrow night. her husband, at a labor day celebration in ohio, took credit for saving the u.s. auto industry. >> i believed in you, i bet on you, and because of that bet, three years later, that bet is paying off for america! >> reporter: it's a line that begins to answer the classic question from ronald reagan in 1980. >> are you better off than you were four years ago? >> reporter: over the weekend, top obama aides and supporters struggled to answer that question. >> are we where we need to be? no. >> we have a lot more work to do. >> no, but that's not the question of the selection. >> reporter: today, an about-face. >> we are clearly better off as a country. >> absolutely. >> america is better off today. >> reporter: so job one for the week, the president needs to come up with a compelling case as to why the country is better off now. but it's not just about the
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past. job two, he also needs to paint a vision of the economy going forward. what will he do so the recovery is stronger than it's been? how will he create jobs? we know he wants to raise taxes on wealthier americans and invest in education and infrastructures, but what else constitutes his economic vision? the third job for the president is to generate excitement for his candidacy among his supporters. the president has said that he captured lightning in a bottle last time and he can't replicate that, but he needs to find some passion to get his supporters to the voting booth. >> thanks, jake. you heard jake mention that one iconic question. are you better off than you were four years ago? we'd love to hear from you on that. join the conversation at news. you saw michele obama there in her practice run. tonight why her speech and why ann romney's speech may turn out to be the real game-changers. abc's cecilia vega also in charlotte tonight.
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>> reporter: they are the not-so-secret weapons of this election. wives, moms, and vote-getters. >> i'll admit, i'm a little biassed because i think our president is awesome. >> reporter: when michele obama takes center stage, she'll have a huge task to convince america the country is better off because of her man. she's one of the biggest assets to her husband's campaign, there to pique the interest of those supporters who might be wavering. >> with barack, the level-headedness that you see is real. >> reporter: then, there's ann romney. >> i love you, women! >> reporter: from the spotlight in tampa, she went straight for the female vote, painting a primetime picture of her husband as a loveable, likeable guy. not just that, she defended her husband against those attacks on his record at bain capital. >> i can tell you, mitt romney was not handed success. he built it!
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>> reporter: and on the eve of the democratic convention in charlotte, the focus will soon be on one man, but right now it's all about the ladies. >> can she help him win? >> i think strong women will help a man win, absolutely. >> reporter: we are down here on the convention floor. the preparations are under way. let me show you the stage. this is where michele obama will be speaking tomorrow night. take a walk with me. the venue is huge. up here, the white wall under the sign there, that's the vip section. that's where the first lady will be sitting along with all those other vips when it kicks off tomorrow, we'll be here. >> and you'll be waiting right outside with the crew. thanks to you. i want to bring in jon karl, and you saw this late today, the images of the romneys at their vacation home in new hampshire, hitting the waves. but the big question tonight, what about the convention bounce? what are you hearing? how is the campaign reacting?
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>> well, there's not much of a bounce, as you pointed out. they were hoping for one. usually the party challenging the incumbent president gets a bounce out of the convention. but we're at a point in the race where there are so few undecided voters, there aren't many to get. this race remains basically tied where it was a month, two months, three months ago. look for the romney campaign to be out in force. paul ryan out on the campaign trail. marco rubio, right here in charlotte. as for romney himself, he'll be emersed in debate prep for the next few days. that's the next big moment in the campaign. >> the big hurdle, the debates. see you there in charlotte. meantime, thanks to you. diane and george will be there at the anchor desk, tuesday through thursday, every night, 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. we turn next tonight to the brazen attack against americans in pakistan. a suicide bomber ramming his car into an suv at a u.s. consulate. two americans rushed to the hospital.
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abc's muhammad lila is in the region tonight. >> reporter: it was a moment of sheer chaos. u.s. embassy staff were in this armored suv -- now a twisted heap of burned out metal -- when a suicide bomber rammed into them, setting off almost 250 pounds of explosives. the blast was so violent it ripped engines right out of nearby cars, leaving this massive crater. >> we deplore the cowardly act of suicide bombing. >> reporter: the two injured americans were airlifted to a hospital. their wounds were not life-threatening. it's still not clear how the bomber got past the elaborate convoy security. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy praised the work of local pakistanis who pulled the americans to safety today. but is now calling for a full investigation, demanding that perpetrators be brought to justice. david? >> thanks to you, muhammad. if you're watching us this labor day, here's the good news. you're not stuck in traffic like millions of others, so many families about to head back to work and back to school.
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>> reporter: tonight 33 million travelers, moms, dads, and children on their way back home on the unofficial last weekend of summer. more americans traveled this labor day than last. if you lit the grill today, you got a lot of company. little delilah in california, eating her hotdog. in fact, this summer, from memorial day to labor day, we ate seven billion hotdogs, 818 hotdogs consumed every second. and for 49 million children, it's now back to school. 8-year-old morgan woods in idaho, couldn't help but smile after seeing the list, he got his favorite teacher, miss perez. and a reunion, madison and anna on the first day back in north carolina. a special note tonight about all of that nervous energy, the 3.7 million little ones headed off to kindergarten. it's going to be a great school year. still ahead, remembering a gentle giant, the passing of a hollywood favorite. but first, you pay more at
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find organic. it now fills the shelves of the biggest grocery stores in the country, fills our shopping carts too. but with the cost of organic so much higher, you have to wonder if it's worth it. a new study says nutritionally, it may not be. stanford researchers sifted through 200 previous studies to answer this question. are organic produce and vegetables more nutritious? the answer, no. the study found organics actually scored equally on vitamin and mineral content as conventional produce. >> just looking at the food, we can't conclude organic is healthier than traditional alternatives. >> reporter: dave is an organic farmer. >> organic doesn't guarantee the nutritional value is any higher. it's how you grow it. i eat the stuff, and i know because i can taste it. >> reporter: you can taste the nutrients? >> i can taste the nutrients. >> reporter: but is organic food
5:49 pm
safer? yes. the study found organic produce is 30% less likely to have pesticide residue on it. although organic isn't pesticide free. still they say organic and conventional have levels of residue that are well within what is considered safe. >> the organic consumer has a different viewpoint on what's safe and wants to avoid pesticides as much as possible. >> reporter: of course people eat organic foods for all kinds of reasons. if you are worried about pesticides, a great tip. if you have something with a peel on it or that you would normally take off, this is a place where you don't have to buy organic, by not buying organic, it will cover and keep your produce safe. >> like potatoes. >> yes. i'll be making dinner with them. when we come, that hollywood favorite being remembered tonight. them. when we come, that hollywood favorite being remembered tonight.
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5:53 pm
incredible movie. we heard from prince harry today. for the first time since those photos that spoke for themselves. he spoke to a charity that helps sick children and spent a good deal of time posing with the children. >> all of you children, families, nurses, doctors, carers, volunteers, are, quite frankly, too remarkable for me to adequately describe with mere words. >> prince harry as the royal family wants you to see him. when we come back, remember those little faces in the back of the car? start counting. authorities are warning us we're about to see a whole lot more of them. before copd...
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finally tonight here, it was the summer of the bear, but with labor day here, a warning that it's about to get worse. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: it's not just the stuff of movies anymore. vail, colorado, is now in the grip of a bear epidemic. more than 50 calls about bears. in the past month alone. >> there's a bear in my house! there's a bear in my house! >> in your house? >> yes! >> reporter: just down the road, melissa carroll has come face to face with bears in her home. >> seeing one right like that
5:57 pm
you know, in your house, it took me a long time to calm down. >> reporter: not just once this year, but five different times. >> these are his claw marks. >> yeah, they are. >> reporter: this bear family was caught snooping around a neighborhood near denver, and with fall coming, it's about to get worse. bears are starting to bulk up for a long winter hibernation, appetites are in overdrive. >> they're looking at trying to consume 20,000 calories a day. they will spend 20 of 24 hours a day looking for food. >> reporter: this wave of bruin break-ins can partly be blamed on severe drought. without rain, natural foods are scarce and the craving for calories sends bears hunting for people food, everything from peanut butter to pizza. this one pried open a colorado candy store. in new mexico, this one crashed a resort hotel. >> generally the bear has to be put down once it becomes aggressive. wrr to scare away problem bears, they arm themselves with this
5:58 pm
gun, filled with pepper spray. but on this night, the bear that tore into this dumpster, escapes into the dark. >> it's entirely possible it's still in the area. >> reporter: likely to come back very soon, still hungry. lit clayton sandell, abc news, veil, colorado. that is the broadcast on this labor day night. we leave you with this image. their parents sending us this image from the beach in new jersey. mrs. stewart and mrs. lauren getting ready to welcome them. goodnight, everyone. ryone. democrats get ready to address the elephant in the room. we're live in charlotte. >> the countdown is on for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. why you might be concerned this time next year. >> celebrating labor day. not quite what it used to be. what left a bad taste in the
5:59 pm
mouths of these picnicker autos michael finney way warning about conartists after your money. >> are you ready to jump win, baby? >> that is congress woman nancy pelosi as democrats get ready to convince americans the president deserves four more years. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. democratic national convention is officially underway in charlotte, north carolina. the first real working day there. the rest of the nation celebrates labor day. abc news joins us live now from the convention. he's following the california delegation. mark? >> the delegates flew in over the weekend. nancy pelosi met them at the hotel for breakfast. the delegates whooped it up
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